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Market Neutral

Onyex uses Neutral concepts built within our propriety stock screener utilizing statistics to identify tradable pairs giving you the exact entry and exit trade ideas.

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No More GUESSING The Market Direction!

A market neutral strategy aims to achieve a return that is not correlated to the overall performance of the market. We take advantage of statistical anomolies in the market that profiting regardless on the market going up, down or sideways!

We achive this by combining several alpha generating strategies:

Includes - Long Short

Includes - Statistical Arbitrage

Includes - Pairs Trading

Includes - Spread Trading

Market Neutral, Also Known As Statistical Arbitrage is the strategy of choice for the all-time No.1 hedge fund (Renaissance Technologies) as admitted by their CEO to the US Congress.

Perform Accurate Backtests

Backtesting is a process of evaluating the performance of a trading strategy or model by applying it to historical data and observing the results. Here are three benefits of backtesting stocks:


Annual Returns

150% ROI

Including Leverage



Backtesting gives you a great indication on how the system could perform in the future!

Benefits of using Onyex!

With Onyex, you have an advantage over others in growing your capital.

Entry & Exit Signals

Live Entry and Exit signals in market hours.

Profitable Returns

Pairs have been rated based on performance

Backtesting Results

Backtest results with various entry, exit and SL settings for last 10 years

Always ON

Data is stored in a cloud with 99.99& uptime

Learn How To Achieve Consistent Returns

Included is a comprehensive video tutorial teaching you how to trade a market-neutral strategy and the simplicity of using Onyex to achieve success!




80% Monate

Join Leading Industry Professionals

Investors and traders, big and small, can benefit from using Onyex. Market Neutral trading is arguably the most successful trading strategy used by Hedge Funds. 

Easy To Get Started

The application has been designed to be very easy/intuitive to get started quickly.

Pre-Selected Stocks

Access the “platinum list” created by our professional traders. These are all the stocks they have ranked the best!

Live Trading / Execution

Trade Live directly from the platform and monitor all live trades from a single place.

1 Click Order Execution

Click once, and your orders are sent to the broker to execute in an instant!

What do they say about our service?

It’s a excellent pair trading platform that have capabilities of institutional trading platform for small traders”
Andrew Steffan
I have not seen any other app like this. It is very easy to understand and user friendly. Developer of this app makes people wealthier”
Great app. Especially like the low latency execution capabilities. Screener does a great job at checking out the correlation between stocks.
Robert Tinus
The best ever app for Pair Trading with many features with Live status handy on Android Apps… which gives buy and sell signal with back tested data for many years
Yunus Dadali

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